Pop Off vag Polo GTI 192 CV

z e1w1No membrane subject to wear and tear or rupture

No change to the installation

Electrical and mechanical connections are identical to the original

Tested at 3 bar and 200°

Electrically controlled and exactly like the original.

So perfectly capable to handle rapid also changed times DSG.

Therefore no problem of delayed response.

(as in pneumatic operated valves)

Opening and closing speed about 40% faster than the original.

Guaranteed 2 years in all its parts.
Available for engines with valve on turbine or external valve.

For models with valve in turbine

Closed discharge = ev1 € 220,00 ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

z e1w3

 z e1w2z ew1t

  • abarth
  • alfa romeo
  • audi
  • citroen
  • fiat
  • ford
  • jeep
  • lancia
  • mazda
  • mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • nissan-white
  • opel
  • peugeot
  • renault
  • seat
  • skoda
  • smart
  • subaru
  • toyota
  • volkswagen


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