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New power-POP for Multiair motors
Of easy installation (10 minuteren) It does not demand no connection electrical worker or tire
No contraindication or interference with the Optimal motor yield sound available for Multiair motors of the group Fiat Alfa Lancia.

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Price: 80,00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

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New power-POP for Multiair motors
Of easy installation (10 minuteren). It does not demand no connection electrical worker or tire.
No contraindication or interference with the Optimal motor yield sound with possibility of regulation of the intensity.
Attivabile and disattivabile with the simple spin of a cursor Regulating.

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Price: 140,00 Euro ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

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Waste Gate For Garret 1446

Today we present a brand new waste gate with unique features that make it highly performing and easy to adjust.
All dedicated and appropriate features for the car model to which it is dedicated.
The main features are:
– 360 ° swivel opening control air inlet.
– a second control air inlet for other needs or attachment systems.
– a jerky recording system which in addition to having the task of fixing the rotation also have the information function to always know which increments or decreases we have given.
– the adjustment is carried out simply by rotating the valve body.
– a very wide adjustment range which allows us a pressure range from 0.4 bar to 1 bar. this at a waste gate calibrated on the bench, so that on the car managing it with overboost or standard electronics we can also reach over 1.7 bar.
– a frontal fixing system and the connecting rod identical to the original valve, so no modification or additional work for the installation.

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Price: 300.00 Euro (+ VAT AND SHIPPING COST)


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Fuel Pression Control Symmetrical / Asymmetrical

Fuel Pression Control for Flute Gold Series

Compared to the adjustable regulator, this model also offers the advantage of having a ratio of 1/1,4. Here’s a quick example to explain better. CLASSIC SYMMETRICAL PETROL PRESSURE REGULATOR. INITIAL CALIBRATION PRESSURE OF THE PETROL 3 BAR + TURBINE BOOSTING PRESSURE 1 BAR = FINAL RESULT OF THE PETROL PRESSURE 4 BAR In this condition, if we need to send more fuel to the engine because the mix is weak, we need to adjust the pressure regulator and increase it just enough to reach the carburation at medium and high rates. If the carburation is on the other hand very weak, we need to increase the pressure regulator considerably, thus creating DIRTY carburation at low rates. (with obvious consequences of loss in torque, pollution, consumption and immediate deterioration of the catalyst) We therefore need to find a compromise and accept what we can do. Conclusion: dirty output at low rates, almost good at medium rates and limit weak conditions at high rates. This problem disappears with the ASYMMETRIC regulator with ratio of 1/1,4 because the increase percentage is asymmetrical with the turbine pressure. Example: INITIAL CALIBRATION PRESSURE OF THE PETROL- 3 BAR + TURBINE BOOSTING PRESSURE 1 BAR = (addition of 1,4 bar of petrol pressure) FINAL RESULT OF THE PETROL PRESSURE 4.4 BAR Not only is it asymmetric but it is also progressive, therefore the increase in pressure is proportional even from the low turbine pressures; each tenth of a bar of the turbine involves an increase of 1,4 tenths of a bar in the petrol pressure. It is also adjustable and also interchangeable with the original regulator, therefore it does not need to be modified to be able to install it. No awkward and dangerous piping filled with pressurised petrol to run around the engine bay.

MAXIMUM LOAD: 3 bar = 270 lh – 4 bar = 220 lh – 5 bar = 190 lh

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Price: 190,00 Euro ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

Fuel Pression Control for Flute Injection

Fuel Pression Control The Fuel Pression Control serve short and simplify. Later we will call the with the Fuel Pression Control with an acronym: fpc. Your motor turns “thin”, that is insufficient of fuel, because one not precise reason or because they it is been born therefore gives. In this case if we assemble a fcp and we raise also a few the fuel pressure, immediately we have the power increments they are perceive also less expert. But if our motor turns very well carburation and we install the fpc, we don’t non avremo any improvement or if the motor turns lightly “fat” and we assemble a fcp, we have lose whether power and pair.

3 bar = 270 lh – 4 bar = 220 lh – 5 bar = 190 lh

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Price: 160,00 Euro ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

Regulator Pressure Turbocharger


Unlike the previous versions we created, this system integrates a new micrometric pressure control system, which allows you to adjust and manage the pressure with intervals of hundredths of a bar to obtain and control minimum increases in pressure, power and torque, without the control unit entering recovery status.
It also proves useful when reprogramming the control unit where you are unable to obtain the attempted pressure.
Adjustments are made using a special little turning hand, and in steps of just a few degrees apart, to increase or decrease by just a few hundredths (2 to be precise).
This mechanical feature allows you to move forward or backward always in the same identical position without losing the adjustments made.
As in all our overboost systems, adjustments are made without releasing air externally.
A preloaded spring system with different working sections of the pressure allows continuous and precise adjustment and modulation, keeping the set value constant, applying a slight response delay, which will allow you to obtain also a small pressure peak different from the constant pressure set. This favours a higher torque.

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Air Suction Manifolds

Air Suction Manifolds

Air Suction Manifolds are easy to install in every kind of filter box or wherever more airflow is required.Example: a motor with four cylinders and 2000 cc displacement has a unitary displacement of 500 cc. Then the filter box should contain 500×19=9500 cc, that is 9.5 litres. Measure the capacity of your box and you will see that you will never have the flow needed. The manifold can in no way increase the volumetric capacity of the box, but it enables it not to depress when the motor reaches the peak of suction, that is to say in the peak of torque, by supplying a supplementary suction inlet. Now someone could think that it would be sufficient to make a hole in the box without spending money on manifolds. This could be theoretically done, but a hole of 50 millimetres would react, because of the produced turbulences, like a hole of 20 millimetres that sucks air in a chaotic and whirling way worsening and not improving the motor breathing. The manifolds are available in three standard measures: Short: H 3.3 cm, hole in the box side 40mm Medium: H 6.8 cm, hole in the box side 40mm Long: H 11.2 cm, hole in the box side 40mm They could also be built according to customers’ needs.

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Kslh Catalyst Probe Lambda E6

Before purchasing,many people ask if our HKSLE6 system will resolve the problem of the “ anomaly”LED switching on,after eliminating the catalyst or after installing a sports or metal one.Since we created the first device KSL ( rounghly 15 years ago ) we have managed to acquire considerable experience and awareness concerning the various causes that make the anomaly LED switch on.I will try to explain in just a few sentences very clearly so that even novices are able understand the various problems.Vehi les of just 15 years ago had rather bland detection and anti-pollution system; consequently,it was rather simple to resolve the problem after the various “ tampering “ actions.Even if somebody had worked on the electronics and had modified the data with excessive corrections,the result was equally guaranteed.Nowadays,the situation is totally different in view of the modern exhaust gas detection  and correction system and it possible to encounter anomalies and LEDs that switch on even with c completely original vehicles.So let’s getv right into the explanation.the mere elimination of the catalyst on Euro 5/6 vehicles does not entail just the usualk anomaly of the “ engine anomaly “ LED switching on the creates a combination of situation, bound to one another, and that cannot all be resolved with our product HKSLE6( or others, if there are any ).In this operation is associated with the reprogramming of the control unit with incorrect or incompatible injection times or excessive ignition advance angles, the final combustion product. ( exhaust gas ) would be well beyond the limits and suchthat it CANNOT be correct just by using the HKSLE6 fact, even if the product is a real catalyst,it is not able to perform or completely treat the gases with a beneficial or substitute Effect( considering the minimum measurement of the part exposed to tje gases ) of a real catalyst,wich is 2500 times we just analyse the elimination of the catalyst,without any other modifications, we could suppose to have removed just the catalyst.this is not true,because we have installed a substitute tube instead of the catalyst,we have definitely altered the flow,temperature and velocity of the exhaust gases. No problem up to here,if it wasn’t for the fact that these factors are preponderant in view of the “ suction “effect” applied on the discharge Valve when it crosses the suction valve, which has teh task of taking some of the air,in addition to that normally in-taken to the combustion chamber.This naturally occurs at certain running rates, with higher peaks in the project points calculated in the development phase.Therefore,having annulled or enhanced this effect, there could be too much or too little oxygen in the fuel setting.This depends on the diameter of the substitute catalyst tube chosen.If these variations are within the limit of 5-7%,the our HKSLE6 system will be able to manage them.if this situation is associated with a correction of the petrol map or of the advance map,( not assessed appropriately ) in emission control points( usually from 1000 to 4500 rpm ) or with the accelerator open by less than 60°,the anomaly LED will definitely switch on even with our HKSLE6 system.if the fuel setting is “ rich “ it wiill create a high concentration of CO ( carbon monoxide ) which is difficult for a mini catalyst to manage ( values of euro 5-6 = 1 g/km )the other way around if the fuel setting is too lean,it will increase the nitrogen oxides excessively NOx. ( values of euro 5-6 = 0,06 g/km ) , these too are difficult to manage.Therefore,what we advise you to do is assess tho modifications to be made or the modifications already made on the specific vehicle, on a case-to-case and car-to car basis,before you eliminate or replace the catalyzing unit.

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Price: 250.00 Euro ( + VAT AND SHIPPING COST)

Support and License / Credit Card Protection
Custodia Carta
Piccola e veloce spiegazione di questo prodotto che iniziamo a commercializzare.
(all’apparenza non è niente altro che un normale porta carte di credito o porta patente )
Con il compito di evitare (come spesso accade ) la rottura di questi due
documenti a forma di tessere e rigidi al tal punto da non
sopportare una flessione oltre certi limiti.
Le sue caratteristiche è le sue peculiarità,richiedono
a mio parere una piccola presentazione.
Questa situazione di rottura normalmente succede a chi
porta la carte di credito o la patente
Nel portafoglio; il quale poi a sua volta viene tenuto nella tasca
posteriore dei pantaloni.
Ogni volta che ci si siede in auto o su altri sedili,
succede che il portafoglio prenda la forma
Incurvata del nostro fondo schiena, e di conseguenza anche
quello al suo interno segue questa regola.
L’esigenza di non trovarsi in questa situazione ci ha portato a progettare una soluzione.
con caratteristiche tecniche decisamente difficili da
trovare in un normale prodotto stampato.
E’molto sottile, misura solo 3,3 millimetri a fronte di 2,6 millimetri,
di due carte sovrapposte.Perciò solo 7 decimi più alta.
Contiene due carte di credito oppure una patente ed una carta.
È anticlonazione,per cui protetta al 100% da frodi e letture wireless non volute o non richieste.
È ricavata dal pieno da una barra di lega di alluminio,
e lavorato su macchine a controllo numerico
È anodizzata e disponibile in tre colorazioni: rosso blu ed alluminio tutti in versione lucida.
Non si flette e non si piega anche se portato nella tasca posteriore dei pantaloni.
A questo punto penso di avervi detto tutto, il resto lo potrete scoprire da soli acquistandolo.
Prezzo € 14.00 con iva e spese di spedizione


Prezzo € 14.00 con IVA e spese di spedizione
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